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“道可道, 非常道.
名可名, 非常名.
無名, 天地之始.
有名, 萬物之母。
故常無, 欲以觀其妙.
常有, 欲以觀其徵.
此兩者, 同出而異名, 同謂之玄, 玄之又玄, 衆妙之門。

The Way that can be followed is not the eternal Way.
The name that can be named is not the eternal name.

No Name is the origin of heaven and earth While start naming things is the beginning of everything Therefore, always own nothing, feel nothing (desire less / emptiness), so you can embrace and touch the marvel of life.
Once start owning things , you can see the manifestations of all things. These two( No Name and Naming) came from the same origin and yet have different name. They are mysteries, mysteries within mysteries. The opening to all marvels.”

The above is from China First Philosopher “ Lao Zi “ ( 6th Century BC), his first philosophy compilation book, “Dao De Jing “, first chapter.

This is also why we named our Company No Name (無名)
We strive to be the origin and leader of the yachts chartering industry in Singapore, we are going to set a very high standard in term of Service quality and Yachts quality for others to follow.

No Name Yachts Pte Ltd is a sister company of No Name Marine Pte Ltd which is established in 2015.

We started modestly, we purchased our first pre own boat, No name 1, in Aug 2015, which is a 2011 mono haul Clipper Heritage 40.

... ...

To be honest, we did not know there is a Yacht Chartering Business in Singapore back then, we purchased our first boat to conduct Scuba Diving courses.( When my current wife is not yet my wife but my Dive instructor cum my boat skipper)

... ... ...

The previous owner introduced us to the Yacht Chartering world in Singapore. He asked us to take over some of his left over business ( 4 to be precise ), from there we then discovered there are people actually willing to pay us to bring them out to the sea for a few hours, and good money if that matter( still can remember is $1200 for 10 pax, 4 hours charter). From then onward we never look back. In the beginning, we really felt bad for our clients, with that kind of money they spent, what they get in return is almost a bare boat.


So we promise ourselves if we want to continue doing business in this line we cannot follow the old practice, we have to make sure all our future clients deserve the best experience, the best service and the best facilities/amenities our yachts can provide.
We started to invest in our amenities and water toys on our No Name 1 boat, we installed a great karaoke systems with 2 huge speakers , a microwave oven, a 45 inches TV. We also purchase a speed boat, a jet ski, a water bicycle, a magic carpet, a two seater kayak, a stand up paddle, a big trampoline, a giant 4 seater floating island. We also provide snorkeling gears and fishing rods for our charter guests.

... ... ...

We became the instant legend in Singapore charter business in 2015, 1. We are the only one charter boat in Singapore with karaoke system our clients can enjoy for free in 2015. 2. We are the first charter boat in Singapore with so many water toys. 3. We are the only owner operator charter boat in Singapore in 2015 After working very hard for 3 years,(and saving enough money) we ventured into our second charter boat in 2018. This time we decided to go for a power catamaran as we can sense the demand there since 2015. With the help of Simpson Marine, we purchased a new demo yacht from Aquila (Sino Eagle Yacht Co, Ltd), our No Name 2. She is really a beauty, a dream yacht for chartering business in Singapore. She has the huge saloon, biggest covered seating area among the same size boat in whole Singapore, She is the only chartering yacht in Singapore with genuine leather sofa, the best Karaoke and sound system (2000 RMB for a single mic). With the 2 huge 45” TV for Karaoke or presentation (connect via HDMI cable which is provided), No Name 2 became the instant favorite for corporate, wedding, birthday and family charter.

... ... ...

With the overwhelming reception from our guests over 2018 and 2019, we purchase another Aquila 48(2020 model) in 2020, No Name 3.

She is an exact replicate from No Name 2 with a lot of improvement, for instant, she has the 2 built in rain water showerhead at the stern area, the only yacht with this feature in Singapore. She has an additional built in woofer at the fly bridge. A 3D radar scanner and two Bow Thruster for safer voyage. She also has a 6 meter Fun Air Water slide installed on the fly bridge, again, the only charter yacht in Singapore has this feature.

... ...

Unlike other booking portals, we own all the no name yachts and maintain them regularly to give the best sailing experience to all our guests.
Hope to see you onboard.

We Promise

  • Our guests’ safety is always our Utmost concern.
  • All our Yachts is always well maintained and serviced regularly.
  • We always ensure our Yachts is in tip top condition before every charter, for example, we will never allow : a) any of our twin engine yacht to set sail if any one of her engine is down. b) Any Yachts without an anchor or the anchor cannot function.
  • We will always ensure all the FREE amenities we listed on the individual yacht is working properly, including air conditioning, Karaoke system, sound systems, water toys etc etc.
  • All our crews(Captain, Skipper or deckhand) are highly trained and experienced professional.
  • At least one of the crew on any one of our yachts is First Responder trained and CPR certified.
  • Every yacht on our fleet will carry a 10 litre Pure Oxygen cylinder for emergency purpose.
  • Every yacht on our fleet will carry two Lifeguard Rescue Buoy.
  • All Safety equipment (Life Jacket, Life Buoy, Fire Extinguisher) in every one of our yachts is maintained and checked regularly.
  • All the crews on every one of our yachts has to stay alert and vigilance towards any potential safety hazard or danger throughout the chartered period.

We Advise

  • Always follow Captain’s instructions As our Captain is responsible for the safety of all the guests onboard,so please pay attention when he is conducting the safety briefing. Our Captain reserve the right to cancel the whole trip and back to marina if he deem any of the guests behavior is a safety hazard towards the other guests, himself or the yacht.
  • Drink responsibly (know your limit) Just remember you are on a yacht not on land, the chances of accident happen when you got too intoxicated is much higher
  • Do not waste fresh water As the fresh water we carry onboard any yacht is always has a limit.
  • Help to protect the environment and the ocean Singapore water is already very bad, don’t make it any worse. Do not throw any rubbish out to the water except edible things. Always secure empty plastic cup or plate by put something heavy on top or throw them into the bin provided.
  • Always respect the ocean
  • Mutual Respect Our crews onboard every yacht are all professionals, they will always do their best to help every guest. However, we expect our guests to show some form of respect towards our crews. We reserve our right to take legal action against any guests who verbally or physically ABUSING any of our crews.

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