Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island, also known as Pulau Sakijang Pelepah, is one of the SouthernIslands in Singapore.

It is south of the main island of Singapore The Island has lush greenery and a nice sandy beach. Take a swim or engage in some water sports. You can also enjoy a good snorkelling session on a clear day.


St John Island

Saint John's Island, previously known as Pulau Sakijang Bendera, is one of the Southern Islands in Singapore. It is located approximately 6.5 km to the south of the main island of Singapore.

St John's island is a popular getaway spot for locals and tourists alike. The rustic vibe and non-commercialized setting of the island make it a draw for people who just wants to escape from the concrete jungle that is Singapore, for half a day! Swimming on the beaches and having a picnic with friends and family is a must on the island!

You can also go on the St John's Island Trial or visit the Sisters' Island Marine Park Public Gallery there.

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