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What makes us different


1. Our guests safety is always our utmost concern.All the crew members on our yachts will stay alert and vigilant towards any potential safety hazard or danger throughout the charter

2. All our Yachts are well maintained and serviced regularly.We always ensure our Yachts is in tip-top condition before every charter

we will never allow :
a) any of our twin-engine yachts to set sail if any one of her engines is down.
b) any Yachts without an anchor
c) any Yachts with non-functional anchor

3. We will ensure all the FREE amenities we listed on each individual yacht is working properly. EG: air conditioning, Karaoke system, sound systems, water toys, etc.

4. Our crew members (Captain, Skipper or deckhand) are highly trained and experienced professionals.

5. At least one of our staff on our yachts is First Responder trained and CPR certified.

6. Every yacht on our fleet will carry a 10-liter Pure Oxygen cylinder for emergency purposes.

7. Every yacht on our fleet will carry two Lifeguard Rescue Buoy.

8. All Safety equipment (Life Jacket, Life Buoy, Fire Extinguisher) on all our yachts are serviced and checked regularly.

9. All the crew members on our yachts will stay alert and vigilance towards any potential safety hazard or danger throughout the chartered period.


1. Always follow Captains instructions As our Captain is responsible for the safety of all the guests onboard

2. Pay attention when the captain is conducting the safety briefing.

3. Our Captain reserves the right to cancel the whole trip and sail back to the marina if he deems any of the guest's behavior is posting a safety threat towards other guests, himself or the yacht.

4. Drink responsibly (know your limits) Just remember you are out in the sea on a yacht, not on land. The chances of accidents occurring when you got too intoxicated are higher.

5. Do not waste freshwater as the quantity we can carry onboard any yachts are limited and reserve might be needed for emergency situations.

6. Help protect the environment and the ocean. Singapore's water is already very polluted, please do not make it any worse. Do not throw any rubbish into the water except food that can be eaten by ocean creatures. Prevent empty plastic cups or plates from being blown into the ocean by putting some weight on it or throw them into the trash bins on board.

7. Practice Mutual Respect on board. Our crew members are all friendly and helpful professionals, they will do their best to satisfy every guest's needs. However, we expect our guests to show respect for them. We reserve all rights to take legal action against any guests who verbally or physically abuse our crew members.

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